Future of Appware is here and now!


Acknowledgement App

Very useful web and mobile apps - set for sellers and buyers.
Sellers can :
  • maintain product catalogue
  • maintain merchandise stock and
  • get paid by registering on to the payment gateway.
Buyers can buy
  • by visiting brick-and-mortar shops as well as from the seller's website by using any of the designated payment gateways like Paypal or Stripe thus rendering it, acknowledging it to be convenient and safe.


If you wish to automate check-in register for your patrons, go no further!

  • QR code based automation for recording the footfall.
  • Android and iOS platforms supported.
  • Store manager gets the required reports.
  • No manual registers. No waiting in a queue.
  • Quick and easy!!

About Us

We at Vvasco Limited, have been in business in the UK for over 20 years, mainly Retail, Hospitality and now Appware. We intend to provide the same friendly human touch even in this augmented reality world. To be successful we need your cooperation, feedbacks to give you our best. Our aim is to bring some user friendly Apps to make our lives comfortable and safer.

Our Motto

Bringing "Tomorrow -Today", "Future - Now".
Our Researchers strive to bring out cutting edge design to make our planet more livable and lively. we're constantly scratching our heads (leading us to baldness) to come up with Green design, environmentally friendly reducing the carbon footprint.

Our Mission

To be able to provide Ultimate service through Apps both, Mobile + Web Apps, keep improving the quality of the new Apps that we introduce and at the same time betterment of the ones we have already introduced. We intend to offer a wide range of products to a WorldWide spread of customers.
We do not develop software for anyone else, our Lab -designs and develops Unique Products for our company. We've business partnership/understanding with well established Software Developing companies in India, The UK and Magyarorszag in the EU. With our World Class Design and our partners' efficient Coding and Development we hope to please both The Providers and The Users of our Apps.

Contact Us


The Pegasus
    Greystoke Avenue
    BS10 6BA
    United Kingdom

+ 44 7957572266

Representative Office

    Railway Station Road, Bansilal Nager

+ 91 9284693848

Representative Office

2112 Veresegyhaz
    Fo Ut 13